Auto-Fill My Return


What is it?

Auto-Fill My Return is a secure Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) service that allows individuals and authorized representatives to automatically fill in parts of a current-year income tax and benefit return.

Instead of spending time entering tax information from your T-slips, CRA has developed Auto-Fill My Return to save you time and potentially costly errors. With Auto-Fill My Return, much of the information is filled in automatically.





How to use it

You must be registered for My Account. If not:

  • Go to and complete the required information – you will need your Social insurance number and your most recent tax return
  • The security code will be sent to you in the mail (takes around 5 – 10 days)
  • Once you have the security code, go back to, login and enter your security code

Once you are registered, you must use a Netfile-certified software that offers Auto-Fill My Return. You will be prompted to login to My Account to use this feature.

You are still responsible to ensure that all information has auto-filled correctly. Complete any additional information and file your return.

You can also authorize a representative who files your taxes on your behalf to use this new feature.

What information is auto-filled?

The following information is available for the 2015 tax year:

  • T3 - Statement of Trust Income Allocations and Designations
  • T4 - Statement of Remuneration Paid
  • T4A - Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income
  • T4A(OAS) - Statement of Old Age Security
  • T4A(P) - Statement of Canada Pension Plan Benefits
  • T4E - Statement of Employment Insurance and Other Benefits
  • T4RIF - Statement of Income from a Registered Retirement Income Fund
  • T4RSP -  Statement of Registered Retirement Savings Plan Income
  • T5 - Statement of Investment Income
  • T5007 - Statement of Benefits
  • T5008 - Statement of Securities Transactions
  • RC62 - Universal Child Care Benefit Statement
  • RC210 - Working Income Tax Benefit Advance Payments Statement
  • Registered retirement savings plan contribution receipt

If you have any questions, require further information or would like assistance with filing your taxes, please contact us through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at (306) 737-2267.